Rework just means to go back in and make changes in a drawing or a painting or other art medium. In each medium it is good to know what is possible...  < read on >

same color:

Here I mean that many versions of orange could be made and still appear to read as orange. It is an important leap to take when you let go of hard...  < read on >


This is a composition with the express purpose of learning to draw a particular kind of subject. It starts with the understandable premise that you...  < read on >


  Stumps are tightly rolled paper "sticks" that can be used to blend lines or areas of pencil (graphite) or charcoal.  You get them...  < read on >


The texture or roughness of a surface. Mostly associated in art with the surface texture of paper. In an art store or with paper samples, look at...  < read on >

unique composition:

A composition that has not been made before.   < read on >


Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a gray tone or of a color. Values can be made with any drawing media such as graphite, ink, charcoal and...  < read on >

visual context:

All the visual elements that are present in a drawing, painting or any other composition.   < read on >