When used for drawing and painting, modeling means to make your surface appear to have images and/or spaces that are three dimensional. In two...  < read on >


To lower the intensity of a given color. See KNOCK DOWN.  The word: de-saturate can also be used to mean to neutralize a color.  < read on >

Opposite Colors:

Here the word opposite refers to the placement of colors opposite each other on the color wheel.  Along with the Red/Green combination of...  < read on >

paper finish :

Paper finish also refers to the texture or finish of the surface of the paper.  < read on >

Paper Scoring:

Scoring your paper refers to pressing a crease or almost a cut into your paper by using a heavy hand and usually a sharp pencil. You might score your...  < read on >


Graphite refers to the part of a pencil that draws the line. It IS graphite and thus it is the same stuff that is used as a lubricant. Thus when...  < read on >


This is the placement of your elements in a composition. It's where you put your visual images, elements or "things/non-things". What are the things...  < read on >

Portrait Format:

This is a vertical format. It is higher than it is wide. It is like a portrait of a person where the chest, neck, head and hair add up to something...  < read on >

preparatory drawing:

A preparatory drawing would follow a study or an exploratory drawing. It is not how to draw something or how to handle an aspect of the drawing. ...  < read on >


Here I mean that we are taking elements out of one composition and using them to make a new composition. You might remove Alice from her wonderland...  < read on >