Issue 8




The Power of Formats!

You can take your drawings or watercolor paintings that you may not be entirely happy with and change their formats. Cropping off some of the painting or drawing either by tearing them or matting them into different compositions will change them dramatically. Paintings on paper or drawings on paper that are just so-so, blah or boring can come to life with new formats that change and recharge their content. So when you paint or draw something that isn't really exciting - change it with a new format. You might even end up with several separate pieces that your eye, your body and your art brain LIKES.

Note: It's good to look at your work upside down and from all sides. Some of these videos were photographed from the side - so you can look at them this way or turn your head to see them vertically. Composition is based on design first and foremost and subject matter (the tree, a cat or the sun) is "no matter" if the composition doesn't sing when viewed from any and all directions.

Enjoy and send your ripped fragments to friends. Or use your extra pieces in new collaged compositions or paint more on each and make them into new little paintings!

The tree...

The cat...

and the sun...

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Each lesson presented in the Drawing Free Ezine gives you ways to massage your own neurological white matter to further form and train your ever transitioning ART BRAIN. Remember that the key is to DRAW, play and be easy with yourself. Eliminate any unrealistic expectations and judgements about your work. Work to be happy while you draw! Draw like a child with no expectations beyond your current beginner's brain, eyes, hands and heart. Orient your focus toward the fascination that consumes a small child upon discovering that she can make her own marks appear. Make your own marks appear!!

Create a chance to draw. Draw every chance you get.
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